What Is Clean Diesel?

“I'm well aware that Tier 4 equipment is going to be a big problem. That equipment is going to require much better filtration. Now I'm ahead of the game. I'm ready for Tier 4 engines.”

Kurt Popp, Owner
Popp Excavating
What is Clean Diesel? 

Clean diesel is free of the contaminants that harm modern diesel engines. Today, virtually no diesel fuel is fit for use in high pressure common rail engines when it is delivered to an operator’s bulk tanks. It typically meets or exceeds fuel industry standards, but almost always requires additional filtration to avoid excessive engine wear and premature part failures.

What do we mean by “contaminants” and how do they cause damage? The following sections explain why diesel that was acceptable for us​e just a few years ago can cause significant downtime and inflated maintenance costs in equipment today.​